We are a Buyer’s Agent, existing to pair you with properties that match your needs.

Buying Perth Real Estate works with buyers only. As a buying agent and licensed real estate agent, we work exclusively with you to establish your specific real estate needs – all across Western Australia – and then pair those needs with specific properties, regardless of who is selling them.

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The mission of Buying Perth Real Estate is to enable exciting and lifetime memories by securing the right property in the right location at the right price.


Six Steps to Buying Perth Real Estate.

The Brief.

The brief establishes your key preferences and purchase criteria. This tells us a bit about your requirements, budget, property specifications, preferred locations and whether you are buying a home or investment property.

The Strategy.

Having agreed on the initial brief, we define the approach to reach your desired outcomes. If possible, we’ll meet in person, otherwise, we teleconference or Skype to provide initial advice about locations, property types, and strategies to achieve your desired outcomes.

Research & Consultation.

This is the legwork phase. Our buyer’s agents search extensively to create a refined viewing shortlist for you. We undertake market research to identify areas and properties matching your requirements. This includes comprehensive suburb analysis including information from RP Data & REIWA and other online third party sites that enable us to identify properties on the market, properties sold and comparative values.

Evaluation & Communication.

Having given feedback to you and made property recommendations, our Perth buyer’s agents provide a market appraisal using hard facts and market data. This will help you decide how much to offer. We will provide a recommended price range, which gives you a competitive edge over other buyers and protects you from paying too much.


As your buyer’s advocate, we negotiate to get the best possible price and terms. Once you’re satisfied that the property meet your needs, we commence negotiations with the vendor or the vendor’s agent, keeping you informed of issues that may arise prior to settlement and providing any assistance you may require along the way.


Buying Perth Real Estate is all about securing celebration-worthy outcomes that benefit your lifestyle, your property portfolio, and your long-term financial security. From the initial brief, our plan is to deliver outcomes that are all worthy of three cheers!


North to Roeborne, South to Albany, and all across the Perth metropolitan area, we’ll identify and secure your piece of Western Australia.

If you’re buying a property or investing in real estate it’s smart to have an experienced property agent in Perth in your corner.

Buying Perth Real Estate represent you, the buyer, through the process of buying real estate. We help you find, negotiate, and secure the ideal property for your needs. With our property agents working for you, you save time, money, and the stress of negotiating and effecting the purchase of your property.


Our buyers’ agents combine years of experience with in-depth research and current industry knowledge to ensure you make the best possible decision when buying your new property.

Buyers Agents in Perth can help you live close to Rottnest Island
Runners in a suburb where Buyers Agents in Perth can help
Property Negotiations
What We Do

Discover the process that Buying Perth Real Estate follows to connect you with the properties that best meet your needs.

The Managing Director of Buying Perth Real Estate, David Snell, discusses the advantages of engaging the services of a buying agent and how a buying agency operates.


Buying Perth Real Estate has a vision to transform the way in which property is purchased so that purchasers of property have a buyer’s advocate facilitating extraordinary results for them.


A family business with nearly a century of experience.

The buyer’s agents that form Buying Perth Real Estate have been operating in the Western Australian property market since 1994. With a few decades of combined experience, their knowledge of the local property market, the local property cycle, market conditions, and current and long-term market trends, is unsurpassed.

With a breadth of experience that has focussed on the Perth metropolitan area while also stretching to the north and south of the state, we don’t cherry-pick property based on the selective areas in which we sell, we search far and wide!

Gaining results for our property purchases brings us deep joy and genuine excitement. Our Perth buyer’s agents love matching properties to the needs of our buyers! To bring our depth of experience and enthusiasm to your next property decision, contact us today!



Combined years of experience in real estate


Sales Transacted


Suburbs Covered in Metro Area


Business Established

Tell me more about Buyer’s Agents and real estate in Western Australia.

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