The things to consider when buying a family home are different than buying a house when you were single or when you were a newlywed couple. As your family grows, so are the needs of each family member. 

Instead of thinking only about your personal needs and taste, you must consider what’s best for the whole family. A family home should be a safe space where every member can have privacy, but at the same time, should include spaces where you can bond and spend time together.

Here are some things to consider when buying a family home:

1. Budget

A constant consideration when it comes to purchasing any property is the budget. This is especially important when you are planning to buy a family home. You won’t be purchasing a small home for a single person. There are a lot of other things that you need to consider which means more expenses are bound to arise. A bigger home entails higher maintenance and utility fees. Moreover, raising a family requires an ample budget especially for the growing needs of your children. These expenses should also be considered on top of your monthly mortgage costs.

2. Floor plan and spaces

How many are in the family? Are the rooms enough for all of you? Consider having separate rooms for your children as they would want to have their own space when they grow older. It would be better to invest in a house with enough individual spaces for everyone instead of eventually moving to a bigger home or doing necessary renovations to accommodate all the needed space. Multiple bedrooms and bathrooms are crucial as members of the family also need privacy.

How about the floor plan. Make sure to check if it suits the needs of your family. Do you want all the bedrooms to be on the same floor? This is advisable if your children are still young. It would be easier for you to check up on them from time to time and it will be easier for them to reach you should they need anything.

3. Lifestyle

Consider your family’s lifestyle when buying a family home. Not all family homes will meet your family’s needs, so make sure that the home you buy will include a space where everyone can practice their hobbies or fulfill their lifestyle choices.

Make sure that your children have a space to play and study. Does your family need a music room? A sports area? Or do you need a big kitchen because you love to cook and bake? These might seem like minor details, but they will help each family member live more comfortably at home.

4. Neighbourhood

Consider the quality of the neighborhood where you will buy your family home as it will be the community where you and your kids will interact on a daily basis. 

Find a neighborhood that has a low crime rate and has a high quality of life. Check out the quality of the schools and other essential services in the area and also the recreational parks and playgrounds where you can spend leisure time in.

5. Accessibility to necessary establishments

Aside from the neighborhood, another important thing that you need to check when buying a home for your family is its accessibility to necessary establishments. Is there a nearby supermarket for you to conveniently buy groceries? How about the schools? Are there good-quality schools for your children? Also, check how long the ride to the school will take. If your kids will be riding a school bus, what time should they wake up to prepare for school? If you plan to drive them, gauge the traffic. You and/or your children will be doing this trip back and forth almost every day and this will highly affect your everyday life.

6. Proximity to extended family

Living near your extended family can have many advantages. When you live near family, it means that your children can bond and get to spend time with them, especially during special occasions. Having relatives around that you can trust can also be a big help during times of emergency. 

Purchasing a home means considering a lot of things for you to find the perfect home but buying a family home requires a lot more than that. You shouldn’t just think about yourself but you should also assess the needs of each family member. Their must-haves and non-negotiables should be heard and addressed.

Buying a family home can be more challenging but the good thing is that buyer’s agents can help you find the home that will suit the needs of your family. Let the experts at Buying Perth Real Estate know of your criteria and we’ll provide you with recommendations for the best deals for you.

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