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9 Signs that Say it’s Time for a Home Renovation

When was the last time you took a walk around your house? When was the last time you did some fixes and repairs to return it to its pristine condition? Since we spend most of our time in our homes, we have to take extra care of it, and neglecting simple signs of wear and tear can lead to major costs and loss. 

Your house needs attention as well. Here are some signs that say it’s time for a home renovation:

1. Chipping paint

Among the many parts of your house, the walls are the most exposed to sunlight and dirt. While the interior may need some repaint here and there to refresh it, the exterior is a different story since it deteriorates faster and may need frequent touches to fix it. Remove chipping and old paint as soon as possible to improve your house’s appearance. 

2. Stained bathroom

Your bathroom is prone to stains, cracks, dents due to frequent use. If you’re looking for a house or planning to sell yours in the near future, a stained bathroom may be a deal-breaker so make sure to do necessary repairs to ensure its cleanliness.

3. Leaking roof

When you see random droplets of water appearing during or after the rain, it’s a sign of a leaking roof in need of immediate repair. Leaving a leaky roof for too long can lead to huge costs and other issues such as further roof damage, corrosion, mold, and water stains. 

4. Worn-out flooring

A worn-out flooring will leave you watching out for every step you make. Flooring in need of repair shows visible signs such as worn-out grouting, cracks, uneven/sunken parts, squeaky, smells musty, and loose (especially for floorboards). If you have carpets installed, you have to change them every 10 years. 

5. Dated appliances

Having energy-efficient and smart appliances is advisable since it cuts costs on your bills and makes your life easier by streamlining chores. Outdated appliances may leave you paying for more and may limit you from having comfort and function with every use. 

6. Drainage issues

If your sinks and toilets get clogged often, it’s a sign that your drainage or plumbing system is in need of fixing. Monitor your drainage and plumbing to avoid major damage and ensure proper waste flow.

7. Damaged foundation

If your ceilings and floors show clear signs of rust, termites, and insects, it may be a sign of a rotting and damaged foundation. Depending on the extent of the issue, you may need to replace some parts or do a complete rebuild to avoid other causes for concern.

8. Old kitchen

If you notice that your kitchen needs to be spiced up (no pun intended) with colors, a new set of fixtures, old appliances, and lacking countertops, it’s time for some renovating. Since this is a function-heavy space, it’s important that your kitchen is in good shape so you can make meals in peace.

9. Not enough space, or too much space

When it comes to space, it’s either you have too much or too little. Depending on recent changes in your life, you may need to repurpose rooms to make way for office setup, guest room, or playroom. If it feels too crowded, you can remove some walls and transform them into a wide-open space or turn it into an outdoor living area.

If you can relate to these, it’s a sign to contact us!

The signs don’t lie and you have to take steps in order to renovate your house before it’s too late. To help you in your home renovation, you can get a free consultation from the buyer’s agents at Buying Perth Real Estate. Contact Clive at clive@buyingperthrealestate.com or give us a call at (08) 6215 0200 or 0412 926 190.

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