West Australia’s First Home Buyers Should Be Getting A Better Deal

In many states across the country including Western Australia, First Home Buyers are being encouraged to build or buy new. A question arises: is that the right move for them to make?

The First Home Buyers Grant, only available on the proviso that First Home Buyers build or buy new homes is skewed towards helping the home building industry. Is it in buyer’s interests, though?

I don’t think so!

I strongly agree with Damian Collins, President of the WA Real Estate Institute who recently said it is the first home people buy that is the most important.

It’s an accurate statement given that it is the capital growth from their first home that will enable them to be able to afford to trade up to their next home.

The reality is that better capital growth generally occurs in established suburbs rather than outer suburb localities where new housing subdivisions have been developed.

In effect, the bias of the First Home Buyers Grant is not doing First Home Buyers many favours at all.

As a Buyers’ Agent, I strongly advise First Home Buyers to purchase land extremely selectively – if they wish to build a new home. I go out of my way to find a block in a locality that has the potential for capital growth.

Unfortunately, First Home Buyers are not given the guidance they should.

Some agents and property developers see them as a market to be secured rather than helped for the future.

They’re not giving them the right sort of advice.

If a First Home Buyer can purchase without losing the advantage of the First Home Buyers Grant, they’d be best advised to buy an established property.

The reason for this, particularly when using a Buying Agent, is the price of an established home is generally negotiable.

People selling an established home are often motivated to sell and will consider offers when professionally presented.

The seller could be keen to upgrade, move to another location, or be forced to sell because of circumstances. All of these open the door to negotiation.

Unless a builder/developer is desperate to sell in abnormal market conditions, there is unlikely to be any possibility of negotiation on a new build.

What’s more, the discount obtained through a professionally negotiated price can be equal or greater than the First Home Buyers’ Grant – an excellent reason to use the services of a Professional Buyers Agent.

As a person who has been in the real estate industry for many years, it surprises me that more of Western Australia’s First Home Buyers don’t use the services of a Buyer’s Agent.

Buying Perth Real Estate is a buyer’s agency dedicated to finding the right properties for its clients and to saving them money through negotiating the best deal possible.

It takes years of experience in the real estate industry to know the right price within a particular market – it is not necessarily the asking price nor the price the homeowner may dream of realising.

An advocate acting on your behalf can save you thousands or tens of thousands while also helping you navigate through unfamiliar contracts and conditions.

For more information, call Clive Elliott from Buying Perth Real Estate on 0412 926 190.

Information for Expat Property Buyers

Buying Perth Real Estate specialise in assisting Australian expats buyers buy their dream home or investment property in Perth whether you’re in London, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, or  New York, be assured there’s property in Western Australia for you.

Many of our international or expat clients are unaware of the advantages of buying house in Western Australia while they are still overseas. This allows them to get ahead of property growth cycle and capitalise on our excellent investment opportunities even if they’re not yet on Australian soil.

Buying Perth Real Estate advocates are up-to-date with the latest research and the trends of our local market giving our overseas buyers in-depth localised information on choosing properties with the best features and capital gains potential. Were also able to give our overseas buyers access to both on and off market listings and provide them with information that not even local buyers have access to. We will be your eyes and ears on the ground searching for homes and properties in Perth and general areas throughout our State. Using our expert negotiation skills, we can also save you a packet when it comes to buying a house and securing it ahead of other buyers. We delight in helping you invest in property in Western Australia.

If you’re an international buyer looking specifically for investment property, we will advise you on the the most appropriate suburbs and the brief you on all aspects of properties research to ensure you make an informed decision. We are consistently researching local investments hotspots and can deliver a range of properties to suit your specific investment acquirements whether they be for capital growth or positive cash flow. We have contacts throughout Western Australia and have excellent links to opportunities in all other States of Australia that can assist in the search of quality investment property. We are flexible and able to meet your specific requirements. We will also assist with the coordination of all support services relating to a purchase. We will communicate with you at every stage of the process.

Investing in Perth real estate while living overseas is a difficult process as you need to keep up with the local trends, understand the local market, know how local agents operate and decide which properties that are currently on the market will meet your requirements.

The Perth market is made up of a number of submarkets that we protect foreign buyers from paying too much or buying the wrong type of property. Buying Perth real estate provides an independent advice and assistance to foreign investors and homebuyers with permanent resident status to navigate the property market.

Foreign investors (non-resident) must buy a brand-new property, or buy land and build, within two years. Buying Perth Real Estate property understands the local market and has access to the new and hidden listings that may be suitable to you. We can show you the suburbs that have the best lifestyle, schools, entertainment, sporting facilities, investment potential and other key features you desire.

We count it a privilege to assist international buyers purchasing property in Perth from their locations abroad. Purchasing property in the Perth real estate market has provided a substantial capital growth over the long term. We research extensively to source properties that meet your needs and lifestyle. Every international investment opportunity is assessed against dozens of factors including local market conditions, comparative sales and property and the property’s condition. We can also access many listings before they come on the market so you can reap the reward of the silent sale once you’ve decided upon a property we negotiate directly with the real estate agents or owner to secure the lowest possible price saving you time and money and stress

There are many conditions that must be adhered to when purchasing real estate in Australia. Buying Perth Real Estate will forward to you the lengthy requirements for foreign buyers (non-residents), by request.

“In any market, in any country, there are developers who make money. So I say all of this doom and gloom, but there will always be people who make money, because people always want homes.”

Sarah Beeney