The Buying of Perth Real Estate for Wealth, Part Two: Location

In our recent blog, we discussed the importance of property investment as an integral part of growing wealth. 

We also wrote about the potency of appointing Buying Perth Real Estate as your Buyer’s Agent. How it can be a fast track way to building a personal property portfolio; a portfolio comprising of chosen properties with the most favourable terms and potential.

Location, Location, Location

Some properties make better investments than others.

The goal for any buyer should be to get the right price for the right property, not just the lowest price on any property.

To achieve this goal, an accurate assessment of the market value and the rental potential, together with a valued opinion of the location are just a few of the ways a Buyers Agent works in Perth.     

Whether you’re a first home buyer in the Perth area or a seasoned investor if buying real estate in Perth, it requires the attention to areas such as rentals and sales activity.

Whether you are a first home buyer or downsizing or upsizing in the Perth real estate market, it becomes increasingly important to use an experienced buyers agent in Perth.

Location and selection.

As experienced Buyers Agents, we are continually reviewing all areas of the real estate market in Perth and regional areas for our clients. We see the areas where the best property buying in all of Perth are located.

Because of our coveted relationship with so many real estate agents, we find that up to 30% of properties sold aren’t even advertised to the public.

“Why? you may say.” There are plenty of reasons.

Some sellers require a quick sale; others don’t want the expense and inconvenience of going through a lengthy auction process, others  wish to protect their privacy and don’t want weeks of having home opens.

Agents look forward to hearing from Buying Perth Real Estate as they know us as the experienced buyer’s agent in Perth.

They know our clients are genuine buyers and have their finance arrangements organised well in advance to enable a quick and trouble-free sales process.

The agent works and is paid by the seller and they are their top priority while we as a buyers agent work exclusively for the buyer.

we receive no payment from the agent, this way there is no conflict of interest  

Buyers Agents/ Buyers Advocate Fees

Without exception, our clients report that the dollars we save them from our years of experience in negotiating real estate contracts, save them the cost to use our services – sometimes many times over.

Next, we will go through the negotiation process and how it works in your favour. Look out for this blog.

By reading the signs and using our experience, you can tell when the real estate downturn has ended, and when the upturn begins (or began)!

Don’t delay. Contact us for a free consultation.

Why property is an essential way to build and hold wealth

Property investment is an integral part of growing Wealth, and there are many areas to explore before diving into or adding to your investment portfolio.

Appointing Buying Perth Real Estate as your Buyer’s Agent is a fast-track to building a Personal Property Portfolio – a portfolio comprising your chosen properties with the most favourable terms and potential. Perth property prices to go upMarket analysts have reported that Perth rentals and sales will represent the best property buying in Australia in 2020. (Core Logic, RP Data)

How a Buyer’s agent works here in Perth 
First, you engage us, selecting us to work for you. We discuss your medium and long-term goals in the purchase of the home of your choice; be it to live in, keep for investment or renovate and flip. 

It is here that the experience of a buyer’s agent in Perth can save you real time and money. 

As a buyer’s agent, we are looking at potential properties every day, continually reviewing investment opportunities for our clients. We have access to off-market properties because of our association with so many agents. Further, we’ve built up a multitude of relationships over the 45 years we’ve operated in the Perth Real estate market. We do all the property hunting and bring to you the prize properties that will fit your budget and criteria.

You may be considering doing all of this yourself. If you’re going solo, here are some of the areas that you will need to cover:
> What to buy
> Where to buy
> When to buy
> Talking to mortgage brokers
> Selecting a settlement agent
> Viewing a range of properties sometimes up to 50 to 60 or more 
> Writing the most effective special conditions on your contract  
> Getting inside knowledge to assist in your negotiation strategy
> Getting building inspections done                                                                                                                                               

These cover a number of the obvious things you must take into account.        As a result, many people delay and watch the market go down. They think it will go even further.                                                                                                                                         

By reading the signs and using our experience, you can tell when the downturn has ended, and when the upturn begins (or began)!

Don’t delay. Contact us for a free consultation.

Are you aware that most people when purchasing real estate very rarely buy at the best price possible?

Why not buy at the best price possible? 

The reason for this is that most people are not good negotiators – and furthermore, they’re rarely aware of what the true value of a property is in relation to its asking price.

This is why it pays to use the services of a buyers’ agent.

We’re here to save prospective buyers time and money.

In using the services of a buyers’ agent, you simply need to give us a brief as to what you’re seeking and an indication of  your budget.

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With our extensive knowledge of the property market over the last 50 years, we then create a list of possible properties that fit your criteria for you to evaluate.

After you have chosen one that you would like to view, we then make plans for you or your elected representative to view.

 Once you totally agree on a property, we then set to work to purchase the property for you at the best price possible.

Our service and research help to protect you against overpaying for the property – and in fact what we can save you is likely to more than cover our service fee.

Many property buyers do not fully understand the role of a real estate agent.

You may think that, that friendly agent will get you the property at the best price possible. That is not the case – as they are a representative of the seller, the agent’s role is to get the maximum sale price they can for their property.

Our job is exactly the reverse – to get you the property at the best buying price that we possibly can – a very big difference! 

The end result is that our clients often save 7-9% or more off the property price, (based on comparable sales and the current market)

Our question to you is simply: What’s the cost of not using our services?

In addition to this;

We can often gain access to what is sometimes termed as the ‘non- disclosed market’ or off the market properties.

There is always a number of these properties available in most areas provided you know where to look for them. These are properties that aren’t publicly listed because sellers did not want the sale of their property to be known.

The reasons for this can range from marriage breakdowns to financial problems, to wanting to avoid real estate agency selling fees.   Sometimes sellers directly approach a buyers’ agency rather than going the route of a selling agent to avoid their property being publicly listed.

Its important to make a sound offer on the property.

An offer that covers all the purchasing details relevant to the Western Australian Transfer of Land Act.

We ensure that you add in the correct conditions in your offer and walk you through the settlement process and hand over.

Even those who have purchased before with no problems often discover from our experience that the process and conditions could have been prepared in a way that was much more in their favour rather than take the advice of the selling agent.

Most property buyers are unaware!

Many people purchase properties themselves without using the services of a buyers’ agency.

We can tell you, however, that most people are simply unaware as to how much better they could have fared – if they had used our services.

When engaging Buying Perth Real Estate as your Buyers agent, our clients realize the benefit and saving they receive by trusting an experience real estate negotiator to act on their behalf.

Consider the benefit of engaging a person who has negotiated 1000’s of property deals over a lifetime of 50 plus years as a licensed real estate agent, against the limited experience obtained by asking friends, reading books, internet research or even perhaps purchasing or selling one or 2 plus properties during their life.

What is the cost ?

As it is only after open discussions that we can determine your needs and the exact cost, may we invite you to call us for a chat. Tell us what you’re seeking and we will give you a clear understanding of what the fee will be.

There’s no obligation… simply call us on 08 62150200 or 0412 926 190.

Our mission is to facilitate exciting and lifetime memories for our clients by securing the right property in the right location at the right price!

If you are confident in your ability to negotiate, and the special conditions you should add to your contract, then you probably don’t need the services of a buyer’s agent.

Whether you are buying a house, renovating your kitchen or doing your taxes, you always have the option to do the work for yourself,

But remember the lack of expertise can end up costing you more than you think it will.

The buyer’s agent Buying Perth Real Estate ensures you are purchasing the right property to suit your purpose, as well as making sure you are not overpaying for a particular property.

Contact us for consultation now and find out how we can help you with all your property buying needs.

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3,2,1 Blast Off 2020 For Perth !!

Perth Property Prices Goes Up!
Perth Property Prices.. 3 .. 2 .. 1 .. Ignition !! Up! Up! Away!

“Perth has been waiting since 2014 to hear this positive forecast for Perth real estate prices from prominent market forecasters. “

Perth property prices to rise by 6% says prominent forecaster

We don’t expect a Blast off  of rocket proportions but we do expect that we have turned the corner and  a selective property purchase and investment will be a wise choice if you’re looking to get in at the bottom of the market while there is still some good bargains available.” Contact us

House prices in all capital cities across Australia are expected to surge in 2020 – and according to some forecasters, 2020 is likely to be the beginning of a lengthy period of price rises.                                                                

While Sydney and Melbourne are expected to rebound by double-digit figures next year, it is interesting to note that Perth prices are expected to turn from the dour period it has had since 2014, to enjoy a 6% increase. According to CoreLogic’s head of research, Tim Lawless, the 6% increase following the 0.4% in 2019 will add $27,204 to the median value currently sitting at $453,393.

Much of the increase is expected to be driven by expectations of the Reserve Bank of Australia cutting the cash rate in the first half of 2020 to a new record low of 0.5%.

Mr Lawless is predicting that a reduction in standard variable mortgage rates, following the RBA’s adjustment to the cash rate, will result in investor landlords being able to service a loan with rental income and in some cases make a cash flow profit.‘As a result of this, investors are likely to be motivated by prospects for capital gain, as well as the fact that gross rental yields, although generally low, are likely to be higher than the cost of debt,’ Mr Lawless said.

From our observations there is already a gradual resurrection of interest in investing in property in Perth.

This has been fuelled by an increase in demand for rental property to the point that the Perth vacancy rate has been hovering around 2.5 – 2.3% for much of 2019 and as a consequence rental prices have increased in many of the tightly held suburbs.

As buying agents, Buying Perth Real Estate sees its role to seek out the best investment property opportunities that the market offers.

In undertaking this, we stress to our clients that we always look for property that has potential for long term capital growth as well as having an immediate ‘rentability’ factor.

Sometimes it can take a fair bit of searching to find the ideal investment opportunity – but that’s how we earn our keep – finding property that the average punter either hasn’t the time or possibly sufficient knowledge of the local market. In addition to investors, first home buyers, home upgraders, home down sizers, Australians working overseas and overseas buyers can all benefit from our services.As a footnote we strongly urge those who are interested in buying in the near future to contact us because the sooner you make your purchase, the more you will save.  

In other words, prospective purchasers who snooze for much longer are highly likely to lose by having to pay more in a rising market than what they would have by acting promptly.

“We don’t expect a Blast off  of rocket proportions but we do expect that we have turned the corner and  a selective property purchase and investment will be a wise choice if you’re looking to get in at the bottom of the market while there is still some good bargains available.”

For more information feel free to visit our website (Click Here) or contact me on 0412926190                                                                                                            

~ Clive Elliott, CEO at Buying Perth Real Estate

First Time Buyers for West Australia Beware !!!

First Time Buyers for West Australia Beware

West Australia’s First Time buyers should be getting a better deal

In a number of states across the country including Western Australia, First Time Buyers are being encouraged to build or buy new.  A question arises, is that really the right move for them to make?

The First Home Buyers Grant, only available if First Home Buyers build or buy new is obviously skewed towards helping the home building industry – but is it in their interests?

I don’t think so!

As a professional in the real estate industry for over four decades, I strongly agree with Damian Collins, President of the WA Real Estate Institute.
He recently made the point that, “The first home people buy is the most important.”
This is because it is capital growth from their first home that will enable them to afford the trade up to their next home.

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The reality is that better capital growth generally occurs in established suburbs rather than outer suburb localities where new housing and subdivisions are being established.
So to this degree the First Home Buyers Grant is pitched, and it is not doing First Home Buyers many favours at all.

As a Buyers’ Agent I strongly advise First Home Buyers purchase their property extremely selectively.
If they wish to build new, I go out of my way to find a block in a locality that has potential for capital growth.
Unfortunately First Home Buyers are not being given the guidance they should.
If a First Home Buyer is able to purchase without recourse to the First Home Buyers Grant they’re best advised to buy an established property.
The reason for this, particularly when using a Buying Agent is that prices on established homes are almost always negotiable.
People selling an established home are often motivated to sell and will consider offers if the offer is presented professionally.

The seller could be keen to upgrade, move to another location or be forced to sell because of circumstances; this means the price could be negotiable.
Whereas unless builders and developers are desperate to sell in abnormal market conditions, it makes it unlikely to be able to negotiate on a new build.

In saying that, the discount obtained through a professionally negotiated offer could well be equal to or more than the First Home Buyers’ Grant.
A perfect reason to use the services of a Professional Buyers Agent.

As a person who has been in the real estate industry for a considerable number of years. It surprises me that more of Western Australia’s First Home Buyers aren’t using the services of a Buyer’s Agent.

It takes years of experience in the real estate industry to know what the right price of a property is, within a particular market.
It is not necessarily the asking price or what the selling agent is asking for it.

Buying Perth Real Estate is a buyer’s agency dedicated to finding the right property for its clients and to save them money by negotiating the best deal possible on their property of choice.

Let us Help you, click here or give us a phone call:  0412 926 190 – you’ll be pleased for having made the call.

~ Clive Elliott, CEO at Buying Perth Real Estate