How to save money, time and hassles in buying real estate



Are you aware that when purchasing real estate, people rarely buy at the best price possible?



The reason is that most people are not good negotiators. Further, they’re rarely aware of what the real value of a property is compared to its asking price.



This is one of the reasons that it pays to use a buyers’ agent.



We’re here to save prospective buyers time and money.



In using the services of a buyers’ agent, you simply give us a brief of what you’re seeking and an indication of what you’re able to spend.



Armed with our extensive knowledge of the property market we then create a list of possible properties that fit your criteria for you to see.



Once you have chosen a property for us to negotiate on, we set to work to purchase the property for you at the best price possible.



Our service is a form of guarantee that you will not be overpaying for the property. In fact, what we save you will often cover our service fee, and more!



Many property buyers don’t fully understand the role of a real estate agent.



You may think that the friendly agent will get you the property at the best price possible. That’s usually not the case. As a representative of the seller, the agent’s role is to get the best sale price they possibly can.



Our job is precisely the reverse – to get you the property at the best price that we possibly can. A huge difference!



The end result is that our clients often save 7-9% of the property price, (based on comparable sales and our purchases.)



Our question to you is simply: What’s the cost of not using our services?



Just in case saving money on the purchase of your property is not enough, there’s more.



We can often gain access to what is sometimes termed as the ‘nondisclosed market’.



It has been estimated that roughly 10% of properties sold are off-market sales – properties not publicly listed because sellers did not want the sale of their property to be publicly known.



The reasons can range from marriage breakdowns to financial problems, to wanting to avoid real estate agency selling fees. Sometimes sellers directly approach a buyers’ agency rather than going the route of a selling agent to avoid their property being publicly listed.



And there’s one further way you’ll benefit from using our services:



In addition to sourcing properties and handling the price negotiations our service also includes helping you with the all-important offer and acceptance paperwork.



In helping with this, we ensure that you add in the right conditions in your offer and we can even guide you in the selection of a good conveyancing agent.



You might have purchased a property previously and not had any problems with your offer and acceptance – but you would be surprised at the number of people who have major regrets that they did not add a particular condition into their offer because they followed the guidance of the real estate agent selling the property.



We can assure you that when you use our services, the paperwork will be filled out with your interests in mind!



Most property buyers are unaware!



Obviously many people purchase properties themselves without using the services of a buyers’ agency. You may have purchased one or more yourself.

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We can tell you, however, that most people are simply unaware as to how much better they could have fared had used our services.



We liken it to doing your taxes yourself: You’re likely to get the best result by using the services of a taxation specialist – and it is the same in real estate.



So, what will it cost you?



Our service fee varies depending on the complexity of the task required.

Some clients have precise briefs requiring a property on a particular street or in one building. In situations such as these, the time to achieve the necessary negotiations would be at the higher end of our fees whereas other assignments would cost substantially less.



As it is only after open discussions that we can determine your needs and the exact cost, we invite you to call us for a chat. Tell us what you’re seeking, and we will give you a clear understanding of what the fee will be.



There’s no obligation. Simply call us on 08 6555 7771. Or send an email to



Our mission is to facilitate exciting, lifetime memories for our clients by securing the right property in the right location at the right price!