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Home Inspection Checklist for Home Buyers

Professional home inspectors surely know what to look for in a home inspection. But as a homebuyer, it still pays to know about the important things to inspect in a home. You are investing your money in a property and, as an expert, your buyer’s agent will definitely also recommend that you learn about the process as it will also help you evaluate the property further. Here is a simple home inspection checklist for home buyers:

1. Foundation and Structure

A house’s foundation is the most important part of a property. It is what makes the house stand and a good foundation will ensure that it wouldn’t be easily destroyed by strong winds and/or the rare cyclone. This is why checking the condition of a property’s foundation is crucial. If a property’s foundation and structure is not in a good condition, it can pose various problems in the future.

Start by checking if the visible foundation is in good condition. Are there cracks at the base of the walls and ceilings? If yes, you might want to have this further evaluated by your home inspector as some cracks are minor but some need to be given further attention. Also check if the windows and door frames are bowed. If you have difficulty with closing the doors or windows, it can be a sign of a problem with the property’s foundation.

2. Interior

Your home is where you will be staying for a long period of time; hence, its interior is also an important area to check during a home inspection. For you to have a comfortable stay, you need to ensure that everything is in a good condition.

Are there any strange odours? Are there stains or other damages? Does the flooring need to be replaced? Do the windows and doors operate properly? How about the ventilation? Will there be enough airflow and light coming into your home? If there are appliances included in the purchase of your home, you might also want to check their condition as those are also part of the purchase price of the property. Ask your buyer’s agent for more tips on what you need to check in the property’s interior.

3. Plumbing & HVAC

One more thing that should be checked during a home inspection are leaky pipes, clogged sewers, water pressure issues, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Check for possible leaks. How’s the hot water temperature? Do the pipes restrict water flow? Some damages can occur outside your home so your home inspector might advise you to hire a plumbing company to further check the sewer lines and connecting pipes.

For the HVAC, check if the rooms receive sufficient air flow. Also assess the condition of the cooling unit. How long has it been since the air filters were replaced?

4. Electrical

Check if there are enough electrical outlets for each room and area of the house. Test if each electrical outlet is properly working. Your building inspector should also examine if there are any exposed splices and if the cables are secured and protected. Where is the service panel? Will you be able to easily locate it in case problems arise? Inspection of electrical systems is crucial as it can save you from possible problems and accidents in the future.

5. Infestations

Aside from the physical structure of the property, also check for possible infestations. Insects and pests can do a major damage to a home’s structure and can be the cause of various property problems in the future. This is something that can probably be overlooked by homebuyers so it would be best to leave this to the experts. Some infestations aren’t easily visible and are only discovered during longer stay in a property. 

Professional home inspectors are more knowledgeable about the signs of possible infestations even without actually seeing the insects and pests. They can also identify the type of infestation and the necessary next steps to take.

Discuss the home inspection results with your buyer’s agent.

After checking all the things off your home inspection checklist for home buyers, make sure to discuss the results with your buyer’s agent. A home inspection is important to check all that needs to be checked as your buyer’s agent can use the results to negotiate a better deal with the seller. If there is a lot that needs to be repaired, your buyer’s agent will talk to the seller and negotiate for a lower price or ask the seller to shoulder the expenses of all the needed repairs.

The experienced buyer’s agents of Buying Perth Real Estate will guide you throughout the whole home buying process including the home inspection until the closing of the deal. With their vast experience and knowledge in Perth real estate, these experts will ensure that the price you pay for your new home in Perth is worth your money. 

If you need more tips or if you have other questions about buying property, feel free to contact Clive at (08) 6215 0200 or 0412 926 190.

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