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‘Rogue Homes’ And How To Avoid Them

Have you come across the expression, ‘Rogue Home’ before?

Let me explain.


More importantly, once you understand what it means, you may be interested to know that one of the excellent reasons for using the services of an experienced buyer’s agent is that we know what to look for to ensure that our clients never buy a ‘rogue home’.

A ‘rogue home’ is one that has a serious ‘negative factor’ about it.
When visiting a home that’s for sale, home buyers often overlook something obvious such as noisy neighbours, smells from factories, noise from a nearby railway line or airport, or being in the vicinity of a fire or police station where the sound of sirens pierces the middle of the night.

Other less apparent factors hamper a property’s potential, too. Neighbours with car bodies and parts strewn across their front garden, nearby highrise powerlines, the likelihood of flooding, nearby jails or sewerage works or special easements on the property title – all can make what appears to be a peach more like a lemon!

These are all factors that can blindside new buyers and be the source of bitter disappointment. It can make life unpleasant and/or have a damaging effect on a property’s potential for capital growth.

Another factor that we investigate is the frequency with which a property has changed hands. It can be a warning signal that something less obvious might not be quite right about a property or its location.

As a buyer’s agent, BuyingPerthRealEstate.com examines facets about properties that most people without extensive real estate experience would not consider.

We only recommend properties in which we have absolute confidence.

It sets us apart from a selling agent whose only obligation is to the seller. After all, it’s only through selling their property that they’ll be paid.

Buying Perth Real Estate only recommends homes in which we’re absolutely confident. Our reputation continues to grow through this reliability.

If any concerns arise from our investigations, we either thoroughly explain them to our clients or recommend against it.

Protecting a home or investment property buyer from risk is just one of the ways that Buying Perth Real Estate earns its keep.

One more thing.

Whenever you place an offer on a property, it is essential to have a building inspection undertaken by a professional building inspector who can find potential or hidden problems in the building structure.

A question that can arise is what level of confidence do you have in the thoroughness of building inspection?

It’s another area of assurance we’re able to offer our buyers. We recommend Building Inspectors with a long reputation for being thorough and reliable to give you absolute confidence.

For absolute peace of mind in purchasing a property, it makes financial sense pay to use the services of buyers agents, BuyingPerthRealEstate.com

For further information, call our Principal, Clive Elliott, on 0412 926 190.

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