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The Key To Sound Property Purchasing

If there is one thing that works heavily against sound property purchasing among homebuyers and investors, it is their emotions.

The key to making sound judgments in buying the best fit for a property portfolio is to remain objective and not to get caught up in the excitement of bidding at an auction. Don’t decide on buying a property just because the real estate agent was so helpful and nice.

How Buyer’s Agents Can Help

purchasing a house with a buyer's agent

Buyer’s agents can help in sound property purchasing. They have the potential to save the buyer thousands of dollars. This is true especially for those who know the industry thoroughly, having the experience of being selling agents too.

This is because they know the best means of finding the right types of property. Buyer’s agents know the type of stock that various real estate agencies list, they know which suburbs will be a best fit for the buyer. They also know how to negotiate on their client’s behalf which can often mean a quite significantly lower buying price.

When you have spent years negotiating the best price for the seller and then swinging across to negotiating the best price for the buyer – you have a far greater chance of negotiation success than someone who hasn’t done this task throughout their working career.

There are ‘experts’ – and then there is the real expert – something that’s quite different.

Get the Real Experts

real experts can help in sound property purchasing

Take your time to search out a buyer’s agent that has years of experience. Look for those with experience not just in real estate BUT in working as a selling agent and dealing with other agents. Finding a buyer’s agent who is well known for their integrity, knowledge, and experience over many years is essential.

Beware of those with limited experience, those who are just following trends, and those who consider being a buyer’s agent as their second job. They might have many skills but might be very limited when it comes to the overall real estate industry. 

The skills learned the hard way by being at the coal face of real estate for several decades are the ones that count.

Choose a Buyer’s Agent who is A REAL EXPERT.

Get a free consultation from us here today.

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