5 Qualities of an Effective Buyer’s Agent

You’ve made the right decision to hire a buyer’s agent. But how can you be sure that they are the best buyer’s agent to meet your needs? Does your agent have all the qualities of an effective buyer’s agent?

Not all buyer’s agents are equal. Choosing the right buyer’s agent that will suit your needs and meet your demands throughout the homebuying process is important. An effective buyer’s agent can help save you time, money, avoid stress, and leave you as a satisfied customer.

Here are some important qualities that you should look for in an effective buyer’s agent:


1. Has Integrity

Having a buyer’s agent that has integrity is important to build trust and to have a good working relationship with clients. You are trusting them to get you the best value for your hard-earned money, so look for a buyer’s agent who is known for high ethical standards. A buyer’s agent who is honest and transparent with their clients goes a long way.

2. Dedicated

You need to look for a buyer’s agent that is dedicated. Being a buyer’s agent is not an easy job. A buyer’s agent should be dedicated enough to meet the client’s needs despite any obstacles thrown in their way. From searching for a good property to negotiating the price and closing the deal, a buyer’s agent should make sure that every step of the client’s home buying process goes smoothly and that the end goal is met.

experienced buyer's agent

3. Experienced

Nothing beats a buyer’s agent with years of experience in the real estate industry. Look for a buyer’s agent that has been handling homebuyers and helping them find their forever home for years. With years of experience, an effective buyer’s agent has strengthened their negotiation skills and has built a strong network. An experienced buyer’s agent also knows the ins and outs of the local area and local housing market they serve in and can give sound advice to homebuyers.

4. Good Communicator

A buyer’s agent who is a good communicator builds stronger relationships with people they work with therefore building trust and credibility. Having good communication skills means that they can give a clearer direction and have more productive conversations with the client and other parties. This will also help them in effectively resolving any problems and conflicts that come along their way.

has attention to details

5. Attention to detail

Look for a buyer’s agent with a sharp eye. Your buyer’s agent will be spending a lot of time looking at different listings, reviewing contracts and agreements, and meeting all of the client’s needs. Having sharp attention to even the smallest detail would help them spot potential problems and lessen the risks of errors. It can also help them spot rare gems and good real estate finds!

Make Sure your Buyer’s Agent Has These Qualities

People coming into the industry as buyer’s agents from a different profession or without the right background might not have the proper skills nor experience in selecting, negotiating, or giving proper buyer’s agent service. Make sure that your buyer’s agent has at least 10 years of experience in the real estate industry. Choose those who have a reputation of having high integrity in the industry are known well in the real estate community to get good deals for buyers.

Don’t just settle for any buyer’s agent. Look for effective buyer’s agents with these good qualities and you’ll surely finish your home buying journey smoothly with a satisfied disposition and no regrets.

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How To Choose A Buyer’s Agent Who is a Real Expert

Did you know that there are experts and non-experts in the field of property buying services? It doesn’t matter if you’re a property investor or homebuyer, it pays to be aware of who qualifies as a buyer’s agent expert when buying properties.

Qualifications of a Buyer’s Agent

qualifications of buyer's agents who is a real expert

The ideal person in today’s complex property environment should be fully conversant with strategies of real estate selling and buying.

That means they should have experience in working in a real estate selling office before becoming a buyer’s agent. This is vital because anyone can simply undertake a course and obtain a license.

That doesn’t make them an expert in selling real estate – nor an expert in being a buyer’s agent.

A considerable degree of experience and expertise is needed to have the skills and know-how for implementing the best strategic plan for an investor, let alone get a full understanding of the wishes of a home purchaser.

The Real Expert

The principal of Buying Perth Real Estate, Clive Elliott, was a renowned real estate agency principal before entering the field of being a buyer’s agent.

Clive Elliott was one of the leading real estate agents in WA for many decades. In his time of operating Clive Elliott Jennings Real Estate, he sold hundreds of properties from low-cost home units to houses worth millions of dollars.

Many home sellers could testify to Clive’s negotiating skills. It was not unusual for him to come back to his seller with a price above the listing price because he had found several prospective buyers for their property and had simply negotiated the best price possible.

It is highly unlikely that any buyer’s agent in Western Australia has anything like his depth of experience. One thing is for sure if you’re a buyer with his negotiation skills on your side, you have chosen well.

He is a Buyers Agent who is a REAL EXPERT.

Written by Howard Wilkinson past employee of Clive Elliott Jennings Real Estate

Buyer’s Agent vs. Real Estate Agent

Do you often get confused about different terms regarding real estate? For example, there are real estate agents, buyer’s agents, and brokers. Do you know the difference between each type of agent? If you’re looking for a property to purchase, would you know who to call?

The agent you need for your real estate transaction would depend on your objective. You can choose between a Buyer’s Agent and a Real Estate Agent to help you. Here are the differences between the two types of agents:

Real Estate Agent

real estate agent showing a house to buyers

A real estate agent, otherwise called the listing agent, represents the home seller. The seller pays them and they have a legal responsibility to get the maximum price possible for the seller. They do not work for the buyer. Real estate agents are in charge of putting up the property on the market, looking for buyers, and conducting open houses. They are also in charge of negotiations for the home seller, closing the deals, and beyond. 

If you are a homebuyer and have already decided on buying a specific property, you can directly reach out to the real estate agent of that property. The real estate agent will then review your offer and can close the deal once you’ve agreed on everything.

Do you need a real estate agent to sell your property? It’s not required to have a real estate agent to sell your property, but it has its advantages. For one, they’ll have more connections and contacts and will be able to market your property to a wider range of audiences. You’ll have someone to guide you, the property owner, through the whole home selling process and help make it smooth and stress-free.

Buyer’s Agent

buyer's agent

On the other hand, if you only have an idea of what type of property you want and what you need for your new home, it would be best to contact a Buyer’s Agent. As a real estate professional, the buyer’s agent will help you find the perfect property that will fit your needs – regardless of who is selling them. Buyer’s agents will work only for you. The selling agents do not pay them. They are engaged by you and work in your best interests at all times.

The buyer’s agent will do the leg work and research for possible properties that checks all your requirements. Based on your preferences, the buyer’s agent will provide you with recommendations for different properties. 

In choosing the shortlisted properties, the buyer’s agents will base it on hard facts and market data. With this, they will also be able to help you decide on an offer that will put you at an advantage over other buyers. 

Since the buyer’s agent represents the buyer, he/she should also ensure that you are not paying too much. Once you’ve chosen a property, the agent will negotiate with the seller so you can get the best deal and terms. They will also take care of all requirements and assistance that you may need in purchasing the property. This includes selection, research, negotiation, Special conditions to the contract to protect you, right through to unconditional contract. 

Who should you call?

Knowing who to call for your real estate transaction, whether buying or selling, will save you from a lot of hassle. So given all the information, do you already know who to call?

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