Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Home Without A Buyer’s Agent

Buying a real estate property will probably be the biggest transaction of your life. Similar to getting married or getting a new job, it’s a huge decision that will change your life forever. That’s why it’s important to get it done right by hiring an experienced buyer’s agent.

Buying a house on your own can be tough, especially if you have little knowledge and experience in the real estate industry. From looking for the right property, avoiding pitfalls, and getting through negotiations and paperwork, there are so many reasons why you shouldn’t buy a home without an experienced buyer’s agent.

1. It can be a challenge to find a home that matches your budget and needs.

You surely have specific criteria when it comes to looking for a home. It’s good that you are able to identify what you want in a home. But knowing where to look in order to find the home that’s perfect for you can be a challenge. With a lot of options that are available, finding a home that matches your budget and needs can be really taxing. Imagine visiting a lot of properties to assess your options only to find out that none of them fulfills your needs and preferences.

With an experienced buyer’s agent, you will be saved from the energy-draining process of checking out each property. Your buyer’s agent will take care of this task for you, shortlist the possible options, and provide recommendations based on your criteria. So you just have to sit back, relax, and wait for your buyer’s agent.

2. Buyers often tend to make decisions based on their emotions.

Buying a home is a milestone and can be emotional for some buyers. Who wouldn’t be overwhelmed with emotions when they finally get closer to getting their dream home? However, being too emotional can lead you to making bad and irrational decisions. It can be closing a deal because you feel obliged to do so because of all the efforts of the seller or accepting a high selling price for a property you fell in love with and didn’t try to negotiate because of the fear of losing the deal.

Having a third-party professional, specifically an experienced buyer’s agent, can help you separate emotions when making important decisions. They will let you be able to make decisions objectively, help you avoid possible mistakes, and get the best possible deal.

3. Paperworks can be tedious.

If you don’t have enough knowledge about real estate, filling out a thick stack of paperwork that’s full of legal loopholes and real estate jargon can be tedious and confusing. You’ll need the guidance of your experienced buyer’s agent when reading and understanding the contacts, seller disclosures, and more. 

It’s difficult to sign up for something that you might not understand completely. An experienced buyer’s agent can help read between the lines and let you know if there are any red flags in the paperwork 

4. Expert negotiation skills are needed to close a good deal.

You might think that hiring an experienced buyer’s agent will cause you more money, but it’s actually the other way around. An experienced buyer’s agent can help save you thousands of dollars on the total contract price of the house you are buying. 

With their expert negotiation skills and years of experience, an experienced buyer’s agent knows how low they can go in terms of pricing while having the confidence and the ability to negotiate that price with your seller.  

5. Some things during the buying process can be overlooked by the buyer.

Many things happen during the buying process that it can be difficult to keep track of everything all at once. Buying a house while working, taking care of your family, and selling your current house can be stressful. 

Having a buyer’s agent that’s focused on getting you through the buying process smoothly can be a big help to avoid overlooking important details and to keep everything on track.

6. Buying a home requires a lot of time and effort.

The process of buying a home shouldn’t be just a part-time thing. In order to find the best deal, you need to allot enough time and it isn’t something that a lot of us can do, especially for buyers who have a regular job. Experienced  Buyer’s agents are those who are able to devote their time to help you buy a home. With their expertise, you wouldn’t need to put too much effort into the process and will be able to spend your time on other important things in your life.

If you need recommendations on the best buyer’s agents, ask the experts from Buying Perth Real Estate. They have experienced buyer’s agents with vast experience in real estate. Their knowledge and skills will make your home buying experience a breeze.

For a free consultation, email us at clive@buyingperthrealestate.com or give us a call at (08) 6215 0200 or 0412 926 190.

How To Choose A Buyer’s Agent Who is a Real Expert

Did you know that there are experts and non-experts in the field of property buying services? It doesn’t matter if you’re a property investor or homebuyer, it pays to be aware of who qualifies as a buyer’s agent expert when buying properties.

Qualifications of a Buyer’s Agent

qualifications of buyer's agents who is a real expert

The ideal person in today’s complex property environment should be fully conversant with strategies of real estate selling and buying.

That means they should have experience in working in a real estate selling office before becoming a buyer’s agent. This is vital because anyone can simply undertake a course and obtain a license.

That doesn’t make them an expert in selling real estate – nor an expert in being a buyer’s agent.

A considerable degree of experience and expertise is needed to have the skills and know-how for implementing the best strategic plan for an investor, let alone get a full understanding of the wishes of a home purchaser.

The Real Expert

The principal of Buying Perth Real Estate, Clive Elliott, was a renowned real estate agency principal before entering the field of being a buyer’s agent.

Clive Elliott was one of the leading real estate agents in WA for many decades. In his time of operating Clive Elliott Jennings Real Estate, he sold hundreds of properties from low-cost home units to houses worth millions of dollars.

Many home sellers could testify to Clive’s negotiating skills. It was not unusual for him to come back to his seller with a price above the listing price because he had found several prospective buyers for their property and had simply negotiated the best price possible.

It is highly unlikely that any buyer’s agent in Western Australia has anything like his depth of experience. One thing is for sure if you’re a buyer with his negotiation skills on your side, you have chosen well.

He is a Buyers Agent who is a REAL EXPERT.

Written by Howard Wilkinson past employee of Clive Elliott Jennings Real Estate

Are you aware that most people when purchasing real estate very rarely buy at the best price possible?

Why not buy at the best price possible? 

The reason for this is that most people are not good negotiators – and furthermore, they’re rarely aware of what the true value of a property is in relation to its asking price.

This is why it pays to use the services of a buyers’ agent.

We’re here to save prospective buyers time and money.

In using the services of a buyers’ agent, you simply need to give us a brief as to what you’re seeking and an indication of  your budget.

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With our extensive knowledge of the property market over the last 50 years, we then create a list of possible properties that fit your criteria for you to evaluate.

After you have chosen one that you would like to view, we then make plans for you or your elected representative to view.

 Once you totally agree on a property, we then set to work to purchase the property for you at the best price possible.

Our service and research help to protect you against overpaying for the property – and in fact what we can save you is likely to more than cover our service fee.

Many property buyers do not fully understand the role of a real estate agent.

You may think that, that friendly agent will get you the property at the best price possible. That is not the case – as they are a representative of the seller, the agent’s role is to get the maximum sale price they can for their property.

Our job is exactly the reverse – to get you the property at the best buying price that we possibly can – a very big difference! 

The end result is that our clients often save 7-9% or more off the property price, (based on comparable sales and the current market)

Our question to you is simply: What’s the cost of not using our services?

In addition to this;

We can often gain access to what is sometimes termed as the ‘non- disclosed market’ or off the market properties.

There is always a number of these properties available in most areas provided you know where to look for them. These are properties that aren’t publicly listed because sellers did not want the sale of their property to be known.

The reasons for this can range from marriage breakdowns to financial problems, to wanting to avoid real estate agency selling fees.   Sometimes sellers directly approach a buyers’ agency rather than going the route of a selling agent to avoid their property being publicly listed.

Its important to make a sound offer on the property.

An offer that covers all the purchasing details relevant to the Western Australian Transfer of Land Act.

We ensure that you add in the correct conditions in your offer and walk you through the settlement process and hand over.

Even those who have purchased before with no problems often discover from our experience that the process and conditions could have been prepared in a way that was much more in their favour rather than take the advice of the selling agent.

Most property buyers are unaware!

Many people purchase properties themselves without using the services of a buyers’ agency.

We can tell you, however, that most people are simply unaware as to how much better they could have fared – if they had used our services.

When engaging Buying Perth Real Estate as your Buyers agent, our clients realize the benefit and saving they receive by trusting an experience real estate negotiator to act on their behalf.

Consider the benefit of engaging a person who has negotiated 1000’s of property deals over a lifetime of 50 plus years as a licensed real estate agent, against the limited experience obtained by asking friends, reading books, internet research or even perhaps purchasing or selling one or 2 plus properties during their life.

What is the cost ?

As it is only after open discussions that we can determine your needs and the exact cost, may we invite you to call us for a chat. Tell us what you’re seeking and we will give you a clear understanding of what the fee will be.

There’s no obligation… simply call us on 08 62150200 or 0412 926 190.

Our mission is to facilitate exciting and lifetime memories for our clients by securing the right property in the right location at the right price!

If you are confident in your ability to negotiate, and the special conditions you should add to your contract, then you probably don’t need the services of a buyer’s agent.

Whether you are buying a house, renovating your kitchen or doing your taxes, you always have the option to do the work for yourself,

But remember the lack of expertise can end up costing you more than you think it will.

The buyer’s agent Buying Perth Real Estate ensures you are purchasing the right property to suit your purpose, as well as making sure you are not overpaying for a particular property.

Contact us for consultation now and find out how we can help you with all your property buying needs.

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West Australia’s First Home Buyers Should Be Getting A Better Deal

In many states across the country including Western Australia, First Home Buyers are being encouraged to build or buy new. A question arises: is that the right move for them to make?

The First Home Buyers Grant, only available on the proviso that First Home Buyers build or buy new homes is skewed towards helping the home building industry. Is it in buyer’s interests, though?

I don’t think so!

I strongly agree with Damian Collins, President of the WA Real Estate Institute who recently said it is the first home people buy that is the most important.

It’s an accurate statement given that it is the capital growth from their first home that will enable them to be able to afford to trade up to their next home.

The reality is that better capital growth generally occurs in established suburbs rather than outer suburb localities where new housing subdivisions have been developed.

In effect, the bias of the First Home Buyers Grant is not doing First Home Buyers many favours at all.

As a Buyers’ Agent, I strongly advise First Home Buyers to purchase land extremely selectively – if they wish to build a new home. I go out of my way to find a block in a locality that has the potential for capital growth.

Unfortunately, First Home Buyers are not given the guidance they should.

Some agents and property developers see them as a market to be secured rather than helped for the future.

They’re not giving them the right sort of advice.

If a First Home Buyer can purchase without losing the advantage of the First Home Buyers Grant, they’d be best advised to buy an established property.

The reason for this, particularly when using a Buying Agent, is the price of an established home is generally negotiable.

People selling an established home are often motivated to sell and will consider offers when professionally presented.

The seller could be keen to upgrade, move to another location, or be forced to sell because of circumstances. All of these open the door to negotiation.

Unless a builder/developer is desperate to sell in abnormal market conditions, there is unlikely to be any possibility of negotiation on a new build.

What’s more, the discount obtained through a professionally negotiated price can be equal or greater than the First Home Buyers’ Grant – an excellent reason to use the services of a Professional Buyers Agent.

As a person who has been in the real estate industry for many years, it surprises me that more of Western Australia’s First Home Buyers don’t use the services of a Buyer’s Agent.

Buying Perth Real Estate is a buyer’s agency dedicated to finding the right properties for its clients and to saving them money through negotiating the best deal possible.

It takes years of experience in the real estate industry to know the right price within a particular market – it is not necessarily the asking price nor the price the homeowner may dream of realising.

An advocate acting on your behalf can save you thousands or tens of thousands while also helping you navigate through unfamiliar contracts and conditions.

For more information, call Clive Elliott from Buying Perth Real Estate on 0412 926 190.