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Why Perth is the Ideal Place to Start A Family

Perth has always been on top of the list of Australian cities that are best to live in. With its tropical climate and relaxed atmosphere, many tourists fall in love with Perth each year. But these aren’t the only reasons why people move to Perth. 

This coastal city in Western Australia is also family-friendly – an ideal place to raise young children and teens. In Perth, you can find peaceful neighborhoods, a quality education system, good healthcare facilities, and endless outdoor activities. In this blog post, let’s look at all the reasons Perth is the ideal place to start a family.

1. Safety and security

Perth is considered as one of the safest cities in Australia boasting low crime rates. According to studies, 72% of Perth residents consider safety their top priority when they chose a place to live. And while there are safer neighborhoods in Perth to live in than others, you’ll generally feel safer and more secure to start a family in Perth than in other capital cities in Australia.

2. Quality education system

You don’t have to worry about the quality of education your children will receive when living in Perth as some of the top-ranking primary and secondary schools are located here. There are also notable universities located in Perth such as the University of Western Australia and Curtin University, Edith Cowan, Murdoch university, Curtin University  and Notre Dame.

3. Competitive salaries

Perth might not be the most affordable place to live, but the salaries are very competitive albeit being more relaxed in atmosphere. Over the years, Perth has become a thriving hub for the tech industry. A number of entrepreneurs and innovative startups continue to grow.

There are also many available jobs in different industries in Perth and you won’t find it difficult to join the workforce. You can find jobs in education, retail, manufacturing, agriculture, mining, and so much more.

4. Superb healthcare

In Perth, we value health. Perth offers free treatments in public hospitals, subsidized healthcare services, and modern medical facilities for residents. There are many healthcare workers who are experts in their respective fields and you won’t have to worry about treatments as most are available in Perth.

5. Diverse neighborhoods

You can choose where to live in Perth depending on your lifestyle. Fremantle has a busy seaport and offers historical buildings that people love to eat and shop in during weekends. Meanwhile, Cottesloe is an affluent area that offers beautiful beaches and exciting watersports. If you would like to live somewhere modern, you can consider living near the city center or in East Perth.

Perth is a melting pot of different cultures.  There is a wide rage of neighborhoods catering for all classes and cultures.throughout Perth 

6. Fun outdoor and recreational activities

Your whole family will surely have fun if you love the great outdoors! Perth boasts the most magnificent parks, play areas, cycling tracks, lakes, and of course, beautiful beaches. Aside from these, you’ll also love all the sports activities that you can learn in Perth – whether that be land or water activities. 

You’ll never run out of things to do in Perth – whether that be swimming, cycling, or hiking. Just within two hours from the city are national parks that boast great wildlife and mesmerizing views.

Starting a family in Perth might seem like a big decision, but it’s a decision that you won’t regret. Whether you are coming from a different Australian city or a different country altogether, Perth will surely welcome you with open arms.

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